Sunday, August 14, 2016


*1 easy day, some days of not as much mileage as planned*

7 days/7 sessions

Total: 60 miles

Boost4: 30 miles ==> 453 miles

Boost5: 30 miles ==> 434.5 miles


Long Run
13 miles in Boost4

Ran downtown on Wingos loop in the morning. Was going to do 15 but I would have been really late to church so I had to stop. Terrible run cause it was 80 at 7 am and crazy humid.


Training Run (Race)
7 miles in Boost5

Did an obstacle course, ice cream themed race at pole green this morning. Ran it with my dad and Austin, was fun and wasn't very hard. Austin beat me because he is a douche and got someone to pie me at the end so that he could start sprinting. It was fun though. Did 2 miles before and after the race to get more mileage.


Training Run
6 miles in Boost4

Only ran 6 because I did the math and only needed six miles. Was a decent run but was feeling a little bit tired.

Thursday SWO

Training Run + Strides
10 miles in Boost5

Ran at the battlefields in the morning. Did my 8 mile out and back and then did 8 300 meter strides and a 5 minute cool down.


Easy Run
3 miles in Boost4

Ran after work which was really late, had to run at home since it was sunset. Tried to run in the morning but just couldn't get myself up to run.