Thursday, July 13, 2017

Week of July 3rd

Mileage: about 50 miles

4 days and 4 sessions

1 workout: 2x12 minutes on Thursday

Ran with Trent, Hunter, and Marcus in Richmond for a short long run on Saturday

Took an easier week while I had a really busy schedule

June - Beginning Training

- Worked up from a 40ish mile week to about 60 mile week

- Missed about 1 day per 2 weeks

- Got into a good routine, getting me ready for a big summer

Active Rest

- Took about 2 and a half weeks

- Did 3 runs the first week

- Did 4 runs on week 2

Last 3 weeks of Outdoor

This is a summary of the last three weeks of the outdoor season (after Duke):

Week 1 - Post Duke and Final Prep for A10:

- About 70ish miles

- Two workouts and a long run and an easy day

Week 2 - A10s week:

- 1 full workout and 1 easy workout

- about 70 miles

- Ran the 10k Saturday morning; placed 3rd with a slow time but lead the whole race on a wet track in flats

- Ran the 5k Sunday afternoon; placed 8th after leading the race at a fast pace; PR'd with a 14:45 and scored so I was happy

Week 3 - Post A10s and week of IC4A:

- 1 workout and one easy day

- Ran the 5k at IC4A's but had a bad race

- about 60 miles this week

Monday, April 24, 2017

Week of April 17

Week of Duke Invitational

*1 race, 1 long run, 1 easy, 1 workout, 2 doubles*

Monday: regular tr; 10 miles

Workout: regular pre race workout: did some 1000s going from 3:10, 3:07, 3:07, 3:04; then a fast 1000 at 2:48; then some strides; right leg was feeling unattached so the fast 1000 was helpful

Wednesday: double and tr felt not too good; total 12

Thursday: pre meet day doubles and tr with strides; did 14 total; felt much better today but right leg still feeling kinda weird; left for Duke today after practice

Race: Duke Invitational on Friday and Saturday; I raced the 5k on Friday night; got into the fast heat  solely by coach's request but earned my spot; got 4th with a 14:43; raced well but my time wasn't where I hoped it would be; but I beat some guys that run 14:20s or faster so that was a positive; back was pretty tight in the middle and had a few slower laps because of it; good run though, got the IC4A qualifier

Long Run: 16ish Saturday morning before heading over to the meet; Ran with Cory and Ethan; The run wasn't too bad but I was certainly tired from the night before; back was tight at the beginning but warmed up; got really tight towards the end on some of the small downhills; was a good run; ran on the American Tobacco Trail which was extremely shaded which was great because it was already 80 at 11 o'clock; back was so tight afterwards that it was hard to walk; tried STEM when I got to the track but didn't help for very long; got Tim to massage it which helped more

Easy day: at school on sunday; back super tight still so I cut the run from 4 to 3 miles

Total mileage: 75 miles

Boost8: 23 miles ==> 532.5 miles

Sequence: 44 miles ==> 467 miles

Week of April 10

Post Home Meet - Hard Training Week (Also Easter this weekend)

*3 workouts, 1 long run, 1 easy, 1 double*

7 days/8 sessions

Monday: training run; easier because of the long run and race over the weekend

Tuesday: Workout #1; had a training run and then did 3x3 Michigan hills; meant to be strides that focus on form; ended up being kinda hard; 8 mile tr and about 2 miles of workout with straights and curves after the hills; plus a mile cool down; totaled 11 for the day

Wednesday: Workout #2; threshold day; 4x4 lane 8's totaling 16 lane 8's; was with Flynn, Brent and Schulte; averaged 69 for the lane 8's; they didn't hurt too bad until the last set where me and Flynn were together running 70s;

Thursday: double was rough because of past two days; tr was just as hard

Friday: primary workout; most people worked out alone to work on their specific needs; I was alone; Workout was two sets of - Michigan mile (off the track), on the track mile, on the track 1000; after the two sets I had an on the track mile and an on the track 1000; rest was jogging to the start between the off and on the track miles, 3 minutes between mile and 1000, 5 minutes between sets, and only one minute between the very last mile and 1000; Michigan miles were 5:26 and 5:23; on the track miles were 4:51, 4:49, 4:47; 1000s were 2:54 for all of them; totaled 7 miles of work; very hard workout but was able to do it; totaled 13 for the day

Saturday: long run for 16 miles of pain, then went home for easter weekend

Sunday: easy day full of pain, 3 miles

Total mileage: 73 miles

Boost8: 37 miles ==> 509.5 miles

Sequence:  23 miles ==> 423 miles

Week of April 3rd

Week of Mason Home Meet

*2 workouts, 1 race, 1 long run, 2 doubles*

Race: Saturday at the Mason Invitational. Ran the 1500 which was really fun. Was in Marcus's heat and we tied for 4:00, he go the dub my .09. Fun race and good to get some speed work in. Got about 8 miles in for the meet and plus one for the shakeout.

Long Run: Sunday around noon. Went 16 miles. Little low but mileage is coming down.

Workouts: don't remember them but they were on Monday and Wednesday. Monday was probably 12 miles and Wednesday was probably 10 miles.

Doubles were on Thursday and Friday. Friday was a longer day, hitting 14 miles. Thursday was 12

Training Run on Tuesday, hitting 9 miles.

Total Mileage: 82 miles

Boost8: 36 miles ==> 472.5 miles

Sequence:  34 miles ==> 400 miles