Sunday, June 5, 2016


Long Run
10 miles in Boost5

Ran in the afternoon with wingo at the battlefields. Was a good run, pretty humid though. Legs felt tired


Training Run
7 miles in Boost 4

Ran up at Mason, did MUD loop with Kenneth in the morning. Good run.


Training Run:
6 miles in Boost 4

Ran at home again. Saved a turtle which was cool. Legs felt okay


Training Run + Strides:
6 miles in Boost4

Ran 5 miles at LD and then did a 200, 400, and a 200 again. 200s were about 32s. The 400 I ran with the 4x8 boys (paced them) and ran a 56. Was super hard but tried to play it off a little bit. It was very hot today also.


Training Run:
6 miles in Boost4

Ran at home in the morning. Took a dump in front of the farm road gate by at the fields. Also almost stepped on a copperhead but thankfully it was dead. Felt kinda bad to be honest.

Total Active Rest

Total runs: 5 out of 14 days

Total mileage: 21 miles

Boost4: 21 miles ==> 229 miles

Boost5: 0 miles ==> 168 miles