Thursday, December 22, 2016

Thursday Fartlek

12.5 miles in Boost7

Ran in the morning at LD with Wingo and Rob. Did about a 2 mile warmup finishing over at spring meadows. Did 6x5:00 workout at tempo pace but cutting down the pace slightly each one. Paces went 5:28, :22, :20, :16, :10, and then the last one was just rob and I, so I figured we would go about 5:00 pace, but I kinda went a little hard and ran 4:40. But it was fine because my legs weren't pushing too hard. Did a 2 mile cool down afterwards. The rests in between were 4 minutes of faster jogging which racked up some pretty good mileage.


Training Run
8 miles in Boost7

Ran at my house around noon. Went down to the fields. Was actually a really nice run, warmed up to upper 40s and no wind with lots of sun. Good run today.


Training Run + Workout Strides
9 miles in Boost7

Ran in the morning at Lee-Davis with Wingo and Paul and Rob. Did 7.5 miles and then did the same old 8x300 strides but this time on an outdoor track in trainers. Went from 51 down to 45. Struggled to start out. Didn't do drills. Bursa stuff felt fine today also.


Training Run
8 miles in Boost7

Went to see coach after my morning exam to talk about my Achilles stuff. He seemed to think it was probably bursitis, so he cut out the padding in my shoe that would put pressure on the Achilles. Then we put a U pad in the back to preventing the chance of rubbing on the Achilles even more. Ran with that and had much less pain than normal, so he was right. Iced it afterwards and was good to go. Had one more exam that night and then I was going home straight after.

Week 2 (Dec. 12th-18th)

Did only one workout this week (the Tuesday workout from last week), had a medium long run, a long run. Started to have some Achilles pain so I took off on Friday which was unfortunately the workout day. Ran on Saturday and Sundays long run though. This was finals week, I had an exam on Wednesday and Friday, and I have two exams next Monday the 19th. Hoping the Achilles stuff gets better, for now just doing some icing and calf stretching.

6 days/6 sessions

Total: ~55 miles

Boost7: 385 miles

Boost8: 40 miles

Week 1 (Dec. 5th-11th)

The first week back we had two workouts and a long run:

-Tuesday: training run and 8x300 meter strides
-Thursday: fartlek which was 3x8 minutes on with 2 minutes off

Mileage: 60 miles

7 days/7 sessions

Boost7: 350 total miles now

Boost8: 25 miles

Boost6's were retired after active rest

Active Rest

2 weeks of active rest ending on December 4th.
Mileage was very low for the two weeks, played some games instead of running for some days.