Monday, March 27, 2017


*1 workout, 1 race, 1 mlr, 1 easy day, 2 doubles*

7 days/10 sessions

Total: 74.5 miles (supposed to be 80 but workout was too short)

Boost8: 13 miles ==> 403.5 miles

Sequence: 52 miles ==> 326 miles


Longer Run
13 miles in Sequence

Ran with the boys on the morning. Felt pretty crappy still. Coach wanted something like a medium long run. After the other guys finished their run my legs fell apart hard. Turned into a struggle run for the last 4 miles alone.


Easy Run
3.5 miles in Sequence

Sad boi run. Legs were very angry with me. Typical day after 10k type of run. Got to pet a very cute pitbull which helped for about 5 minutes but then I went back to feeling like crap. Day 2 of the meet, watched my teammates compete and hung out with my parents

Friday - Raleigh Relays

13 miles total
7 miles in Boost8

Ran the 10k at 9:20pm at NC State in Raleigh, NC. Was in heat 2 which ended up being good because first place in the first heat ran 28:20s. Would have gotten wrecked in that heat, but wouldn't have gotten last. My heat was steady and most everyone was trying to run around the same time, sub 30. Went through the 5k in 15:03 and started counting laps and doing calculations after that. had to go 4:40 on last mile to get sub 30 but couldn't quite get it. Finished in 30:05. First 5k was a lot of 72s, second was a lot of 71s but then hit several 73s towards end of 3rd quarter and beginning of fourth quarter. Kept picking people off that fell from the chase pack, but it wasn't enough to keep the 71s going. Got 6th in my heat and 31st overall. Successful first 10k this season, starting off with a 24 second PR, but gotta take off at least 15 more seconds if I want to be considered for Regionals. Coach was pleased since his goal for me was 30 flat.

Did a shakeout that morning: plus 1 mile

Thursday (Pre-Race Doubles)

Main Pre-Race TR
10 miles total
9.5 miles in Sequence

Did a normal training run after my class, then did 4x150 strides on the outdoor track, short rest so that I could get lunch before the bus leaves. Felt better today and strides felt good.

4.5 miles in Sequence

Ran after we got to the hotel in Raleigh. Ran around the campus and got a little lost and went slightly farther than I would have liked to. Felt really fresh and fast though.

Wednesday (Doubles)

4 miles in Sequence

Normal double after morning class. Felt a little sore today so I guess I ran a little fast yesterday.

Training Run
8 miles in Sequence

Normal training run but still feeling a little bit sore. Gonna role out really well and hopefully that will help.

Tuesday (pre-race workout)

Pre-Race Workout
9 miles total
6 miles in Boost8

Workout was 2 sets of 6 lane 8's, then a k at race pace, and then some free form strides. I went 74 average for lane 8's and ended up accidentally doing an extra one cause I miss counted on the second set. K was a little fast, hit 2:55 but felt fine. For strides I did a 300 and 2x200 in Takumi's and then 2x150 in Avanti to see if I wanted to do the 10k in them. Decided to just go with Takumi's. Felt okay today


Training Run
10 miles in Sequence

Normal 10 miles. Felt ok today, gotta feel good for Raleigh Relays this week.