Monday, March 20, 2017


*2 workouts, 1 race, 1 long run, 1 double*

7 days/8 sessions

Totals: 79 miles

Boost8:  29 miles ==> 390.5 miles

Sequence: 38.5 miles ==> 274 miles


Long Run
18 miles in Boost8

Ran at 1 pm with Logan, Trent, Ethan, and Jonny. Met up with Drew Hunter and this guy named Will that runs for Adams State. Met them out in Loudon somewhere, near Oatlands by this little town called Adley. Basically ran down a gravel road with some big rolling hills. Was a beautiful run, great change of scenery and also felt like I got a lot out of it. Rough but not terrible. Had to add on a lot since everyone else has low mileage compared to me.

Saturday - Tribe Open

7 miles total
5 in Boost8

Race was the 3k at 3:20, one of the last events. Tribe Open was a very small meet once again this year. The 3k was basically either W&M, Mason, or Richmond. Normal length warmup, felt like crap. Race I surprisingly felt much better. Got fourth place with an 8:31. So only a few seconds off of my PR, and didn't even have a close. Pretty much ran the same pace the whole race but moved up and picked people off little by little. Good sign for Raleigh Relays next week.

Friday (Race Prep)

Meet Prep
10 miles total
9.5 miles in Sequence

Ran a weird loop around DOB. Loop was 7 but me and Brent and Bethany added on for 8 miles. Did some strides afterwards. Felt like crap on those too, and the run part. Nervous for the race because of how bad I've been feeling this week.

Thursday (Doubles)

3 miles in Boost6

Ran from my apartment in the morning. Was going to go 4 but was running short on time. Had to go back to Richmond to have a meeting/interview with Mr. Walker.

Training Run
8 miles in Sequence

Got back late from the meeting so I had to run alone. Also had to run random places because of the snow covering the trails. Was a pretty rough run. Still feeling like crap.

Wednesday (Secondary Workout)

Secondary Workout
12 miles total
6 in Boost8

Back at school today. Had a rough workout today too, haven't been feeling good since I got sick. Today was supposed to be 3 sets of 3x1k. Ended up doing two sets, first was 5xk and second was 4xk. Goal pace was 3 flat. Slowest was 3 flat and fastest was 2:58. Averaged about 2:59. Good sign that I can feel like crap and still run that, but really felt like crap. No speed today because we are treating Tribe Open as speed work. Running the 3k at tribe. Did normal warmup and cool down today


Training Run
9 miles in Sequence

Ran at the battlefields again. Ate way too close to running so my body was not feeling it, and also felt dehydrated. Was supposed to go back today but school was getting a big snow storm so we were delayed to Wednesday.

Monday (Primary Workout)

Fartlek Workout
12 miles in Sequence

Ran the workout with the LD kids for one rep kinda. Did a normal warm-up. Workout was 10 sets of 3 minutes on and 2 minutes off. Did the first rep with the kids cause they were also doing a fartlek. But theirs was way too short for me so I ended up doing mine on the k loop that goes around the school. Was raining/icing the whole workout which was pelting my face. My legs were not at all ready for this workout and were very sad to be running. Took until about number 6 for them to feel warmed up, but then they just started getting tired. Was supposed to do strides afterwards but my legs were hurting so bad and it was so wet that I figured it wasn't worth it. Did a 2.5 mile cool down.


*3 workouts, 1 double, 1 easy, 2 off from sickness*

5 days/6 sessions

Total: 53.5 miles (due to sickness, would have hit ~83)

Boost8: 20.5 miles ==> 361.5 miles

Sequence: 18 miles ==> 235.5 miles


Short Training Run
6 miles in Sequence

Home for Spring Break. Ran at the battlefields. Didn't run the past two days because of being sick so tried to take it easy today so that I can do the workout tomorrow. Was actually hurting pretty good today.


No run today because I got food poisoning from Southside last night and threw up all night.

Thursday (Primary Workout)

Primary Workout
12 miles total
6 miles in Boost8

Today was the hard day. Normal warm-up and cool down. The workout was 3 sets of 2k-1k. The 2k goal pace was 72s (4:48 through mile - 6 minutes total) and the 1k goal pace was 2:50. Hearing it sounded a little rough but doable. Ran it with Dustin, Luke, and Andrew. The first set was outside in the slight wind. Goal for that 2k was to pace through the k and switch off but we were a tad slow through the k so I kept it. Ended up running about 5 seconds slow for the whole thing, we all finished relatively close together. Then for the k we were delayed starting because Luke was throwing up. I led and was trying to hit the time but ran like 2:55. The other guys fell off. Then we went inside for the last two sets. Changed into Takumi's now. Ended up running the rest of the workout by myself. Second set I hit dead on the paces. Last set I ran about 6 seconds fast on the 2k and ran a 2:48 on the 1k with a close. Was a very rough workout but go through it. Had a little 10k brain after this one.

Wednesday (Doubles)

3 miles in Sequence

Ran with Marcus in the morning. Was hurting a bit.

Training Run
9 miles in Sequence

Don't remember this one cause I'm typing this up way too late

Tuesday (Secondary Workout)

Threshold Workout
13 miles total
6 in Boost8

Did the workout early with Luke cause he didn't ant to run by himself. Normal warm-up and cool down. Workout was 10xK on the outdoor track. Good temperature today but wind was really rough, especially coming around on the starting stretch. Goal was to start out around 5 minute pace and work down to 3 flat by the end of the workout. Split it up into 2 sets of 5xK. I took 1, 3, and 5 on the first set. We went 3:09, 3:09, 3:07, 3:15, 3:06. Was hurting pretty good after the first set. Changed into Takumi's for the second set. Luke led the 6th one and went about 3:09, I took number 7 and went 3:06 and Luke dropped off a bit. Luke took the next one but I had to take it myself after the first lap which was a 77. Hit about 3:06 on that one. Last two coach just got me to start by myself cause Luke was struggling a little. Went 3:03 and 3:02 for the last two. Was a rough workout considering the wind and doing a workout yesterday. Gotta be ready for the hard one on Thursday. Had weight room today


*1 long run, 2 workouts, 1 easy, 1 double*

7 days/8 sessions

Total: 79 miles (little low but okay)

Boost8: 30 miles ==> 341 miles

Sequence: 37 miles ==> 207.5 miles

Monday (Tertiary Workout)

Workout (Monday Workout)
10.5 miles total
8.5 in Boost8

Did a typical Monday workout which was a shorter training run - 7 miles - and then a small workout on the track. We did 8 laps of hot and cold 400s at ~70 for the hot and ~90 for the colds. Ended up running faster and hit 10:34 for the total time. Hurt a little bit on the hots. Did the whole thing in Adios. Ran it with Luke and Logan. Have a threshold workout tomorrow and then a big workout on Thursday.