Monday, November 14, 2016


Easy Day
3 miles in Boost5

Ran in the morning because I had a group project meeting at 3. Felt okay


*race week - 1 LR, 1 WO, 1 EZ, race*

7 days/8 sessions

Total: 61 miles (slightly too low, not supposed to be lower than 65)

Boost6: 26 miles ==> 390 miles

Boost7: 26.5 miles ==> 310 miles


Long Run
13 miles in Boost7

Ran alone again. Had to stop and take a poop in the woods. Ran cemetery. Chugged a Red Bull before running and I think it actually helped me. Felt great the whole run. Ran a good pace until the end when I hit the hills, slowed a tad there. Saw Andrew with a mile to go and finished the run with him.


Recovery Run
6 miles in Boost6

Ran alone in the morning in the freezing cold. Had to get the run in before going to the state meet. Legs had to get warmed up but once they did it was fine.

Friday NCAA D1 Regionals

12 miles total
6 miles in Boost6

Race was decent. Got out in 4:52 and in the 80s. Moved up throughout the race. Finished really strong. Was number two for the team behind Logan. Other guys were close behind me. We finished 54, 64, 76, 77, 78, 86, and 136. Our #1-6 spread was 46 seconds which was by far the tightest spread of any team, but we were too far back and only got 13th. I believe that we finished better than any team out there, but we overall weren't fast enough to do damage. Things to work on next year. Most teams number ones were in front of our number one. That is bad. That's just something we need to work on. I thought I was much farther up in the rankings but once again was deceived by the spread. Back half of the race was much faster than last year.

Thursday (Regionals Meet Prep)

Meet Prep
7 miles total
6.5 in Boost7

Ran the course. Felt better than I had hoped. Strides didn't feel good though, legs weren't under me. Muscles went firing correctly, felt like I was flailing.


Training Run
7 miles in Boost7

Ran DOB. Felt a little bit sore today and overall pretty crappy which is good, I like feeling crappy a couple days out from the race.


10 miles total
8 miles in Boost6

Did Providence 1 lap, 2 lap, 3 lap, 2 lap, 1 lap just like normal. Run it with second group guys, ran it a little bit fast towards the beginning but felt okay. Went back to the track and did 2x800 at 2:24-2:16, then a 400 at 61. The 400 hurt a little bit but not too bad. Did a few strides afterwards. Only did a 2 mile cool down, not sure if I counted the mileage correctly. Felt better today so looking good for Friday.