Monday, January 16, 2017


*1 easy day, 2 workouts, 1 long run*

7 days/9 sessions

Total: 78 miles (too low, need a higher easy day and a longer or another double)

Boost7: 29 miles ==> 535.5 miles

Boost8: 30 miles ==> 123 miles


Long Run
16 miles in Boost8

Ran in the morning at Burke Lake with Jonny, Trent, Marcelo, and Carlin. Didn't have a tempo which was very nice. Was really hurting towards the end of the run, but the easy day tomorrow is gonna be nice. Counted about 240 people on the trails this morning, and about 30 dogs.


Training Run
8 miles in Boost5

Was crappy weather today and the Fieldhouse was closed so I ended up running on Treadmills at the gym with some of the other guys. Felt really crappy today, not gonna lie. That was a very painful and boring 8 miles.

Friday (Secondary Workout)

Secondary Workout
12 miles total
6 in Boost8

Workout was in the morning. We had to do 3 sets of 3xK. In each set, 2 K's were steady and 1 was fast. For the first set, the last one was fast, the second one for the second set, and the first one for the third set. For each set we hit a 3:03 and a 3:05 for the steady ones and our fast ones went 2:59, 2:53, 2:53. Workout was good, I was happy with it. The first set was hard to get into rhythm which is why the fast one was too slow. The fast ones were supposed to be 2:55 and the steady ones were supposed to be 3:05. Thought it was a successful workout. Had super long weight room circuit again today. Ended up working out the soreness from Tuesdays weight room, just to get sore again.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Thursday (Doubles)

4 miles in Boost7

Ran in the morning with a few of the guys. Was a very slow double. Legs were a little tired but mostly was sore from weight room.

Training Run
8 miles in Boost7

Was worse than the morning run. Felt awful and apparently everyone else did too. There were lots of bathroom breaks.

Wednesday (Primary Workout)

12 miles in Boost8

Workout was fartlek styled. Did 6x5minutes with 1 minute rest. The first and last rep were on the track to make sure we were going good pace. We were supposed to be around 5:20 pace. The first one we were basically dead on and the last one was faster but felt fine. Pretty good workout today. No weight room, just core.

Tuesday (Doubles)

Training Run
8 miles in Boost7

Had the longer run in the morning for the shorter run in the afternoon.

Double + Strides
5 miles total
4 miles in Boost7

Did a 3 mile warmup and then did 5x300 at a fast pace. Did a 10 minute cool down. Had to do the before and after drills and a weight room workout today. The weight room workout took an hour and 10 minutes. Crazy long cycle today.


Easy Day
5 miles in Boost7

Needed easy day for the hard week ahead.


*1 workout, 1 long run, 1 race, 2 stride days*

7 days/10 sessions

Total: 80.5 miles

Boost7: 44.5 miles ==> 526.5 miles

Boost8: 27 miles ==> 93 miles