Friday, January 13, 2017


Long Run
15 miles in Boost7

Did the long run in the morning from the fieldhouse with most of the squad, plus Jimmy and Bradley. Felt fine at the beginning but proceeded to feel worse and worse as the run went on.

Saturday - Father Diamond

13 miles total
9 miles in Boost8

Did a shakeout that morning. Ran the mile and the 3k today. 2 mile warm-ups and cool downs for everything except I did a 3 mile cool down after the 3k. For the mile I got second with a 4:25, my new PR lol. For the 3k I got second also with an 8:56. Pretty happy with how everything went.

Friday (Doubles)

3 miles in Boost7

Ran in the morning at 10. Pretty easy feeling this morning.

Training Run and Strides
8 miles total
7.5 miles in Boost7

Did a 7 mile training run and then did some pre-race strides and a short cool down. Legs did not feel fast at all during the strides. But tomorrow is basically a workout anyways so its not too big of a deal. Tomorrow is the Father Diamond meet.