Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Week of March 27th

Recovery Week from Raleigh Relays 10k

*1 workout, 1 long run, 5 TR's (one with strides)*

Long run: 16 miles in Sequence. Ran it in Richmond while at home to watch Colonial Relays at William and Mary. Ran it on Saturday on the trails downtown and did the last 6 miles on the Monument Avenue course. Got to watch the race go through also.

Workout: 12 miles in Boost8. Did it on Thursday. Fartlek workout that was 2 sets of 8x 1 minute on/off. Ran it on Cemetery and went out to the baseball fields and back, with a poop break in the middle. Ran alone cause everyone was racing Colonial this weekend. Felt okay on the way back.

The one training run with strides totaled a 10 mile day in Boost8.

The run on Sunday was 11 miles in Boost8.

The other three TR's were 8 miles each.

No doubles because I was never sure what I was going to do that day until the end of the week.

Total mileage: 73 miles

Sequence: 40 miles ==> 366 miles

Boost8: 33 miles ==> 436.5 miles