Monday, March 6, 2017


Training Run
5 miles in Sequence

Ran in the morning with Andrew. Felt very tired from the long run, going Pokémon hunting in DC, and a night out last night.

Saturday (Long Run)

Long Run
18 miles in Boost8

Had morning practice. Did cemetery once again, but on the way back we went on MUD loop and patriot circle. Close enough to 18 to call it. Ran it with Brent and Bethany for the adding on portions. Got lucky and didn't have a tempo in the run.


Training Run
10 miles in Sequence

Didn't double this morning so may be a little low on mileage. Took the opportunity to sleep in today. Run felt fine this afternoon.

Thursday (Primary Workout)

Primary Workout
12 miles total
6 miles in Boost8

Did the workout inside because of heavy winds and cold weather. Had 6xmile cut-downs. Goal paces were to start at 5 flat (excluding number 1) and decrease about 5 seconds per rep. Getting down to 4:40. For the first one, we went outside and ran it on Michigan Loop. Supposed to hit about 5:15+ and hit 5:12. Came inside and did 5 flat, 4:54, 4:48, 4:42, 4:40. Ran the whole thing with Luke but had some help from Dustin on the last one. Great workout today, felt really good.

Wednesday (Doubles)

3 miles in Sequence

Ran after my early morning class. Played Pokémon Go while running, was a super nerd.

Training Run
8 miles in Sequence

Ran early with a few of the guys cause we were supposed to get hammered by a storm around normal practice time so coach told us we could run early. Ended up having a brief downpour during our run and then nothing during practice time.

Tuesday (Secondary Workout)

Secondary Workout - Threshold day
12 miles total
6 miles in Boost8

Normal warm-up and cool down. Did 8xK on the outdoor track (first official outdoor workout). Worked out with Logan and Dustin. Felt a little rough at the beginning but got into it. Split it into two sets of 4. Supposed to hit about 3:05 or under and was dead on the whole time. Solid workout, getting ready for Thursdays bigger workout.


Training Run + Strides
11 miles total
10 miles in Sequence

Did a slightly shorter training run and then did some freeform strides on the track. Felt pretty good today. Did some of the strides pretty fast which hurt.