Thursday, July 13, 2017

Week of July 3rd

Mileage: about 50 miles

4 days and 4 sessions

1 workout: 2x12 minutes on Thursday

Ran with Trent, Hunter, and Marcus in Richmond for a short long run on Saturday

Took an easier week while I had a really busy schedule

June - Beginning Training

- Worked up from a 40ish mile week to about 60 mile week

- Missed about 1 day per 2 weeks

- Got into a good routine, getting me ready for a big summer

Active Rest

- Took about 2 and a half weeks

- Did 3 runs the first week

- Did 4 runs on week 2

Last 3 weeks of Outdoor

This is a summary of the last three weeks of the outdoor season (after Duke):

Week 1 - Post Duke and Final Prep for A10:

- About 70ish miles

- Two workouts and a long run and an easy day

Week 2 - A10s week:

- 1 full workout and 1 easy workout

- about 70 miles

- Ran the 10k Saturday morning; placed 3rd with a slow time but lead the whole race on a wet track in flats

- Ran the 5k Sunday afternoon; placed 8th after leading the race at a fast pace; PR'd with a 14:45 and scored so I was happy

Week 3 - Post A10s and week of IC4A:

- 1 workout and one easy day

- Ran the 5k at IC4A's but had a bad race

- about 60 miles this week