Thursday, January 5, 2017

Thursday (doubles)

3 miles in Boost7

Morning practice at 10. Wasn't that sore for this run actually. Felt okay, just tired muscles.

Training Run
8 miles in Boost7

Afternoon practice. Felt sore for this run, but I felt faster than the morning run. This was a good run. Ran it with Cory and Flynn.

Wednesday (primary workout)

Primary Workout
12 miles total
9 miles in Boost8

Workout was 8xK, first half outdoors and second half indoors. First half was also in trainers. My group went between 3:04 and 3:07 outdoors and between 3:03 and 3:06 indoors. Felt really good actually. That is until weight room started. Had an awful time in weight room. Got pushed to the point where I actually couldn't do some of the exercises like I needed to. Terrible

Tuesday (first day of drought)

Training Run + Strides
9.5 miles total
8 miles in Boost7

Had practice after the noon meeting. Did an 8 mile training run and then 8x200 meter strides and a short cool down. Felt good today all around. Had some core stuff afterwards also.


Training Run
9 miles in Boost8

Ran at Lee-Davis practice. Ran with Collin Mann. Had a good run. He ran like a VT kid, going out hard. Got into a groove though. Good run.


*1 long run, 2 workouts, 1 easy day*

7 days/8 sessions

Total: 66 miles (supposed to be 75)

Boost7: 38.5 miles ==> 486 miles

Boost8: 26 miles ==> 66 miles


Training Run
8 miles in Boost8

Ran after Melissa's parents picked her up, which was about 5 o'clock. Got dark fast so I had to do some of it on the treadmill. Also I needed to take a pit stop at about 5 miles.


Easy Run
4 miles in Boost7

Ran in the morning from my apartment. Was very cold. Felt pretty tired from the hard two weeks of training. Only took a single training run in between each workout or long run.


Long Run
15 miles in Boost7

Ran downtown in the morning so that I could work on longboards and get up to Fairfax. Not too much motivation so I used the new GoPro to help me get motivated. Had a 20 minute tempo in the middle, not sure of my pace but felt about right. Started at Pump House Park, went down the trail there tat comes up on the other side of Maymont. Looped around Byrd and back to Pump House. Proceeded to do the normal 13 mile loop, starting the tempo after Pony Pasture.

Thursday #1 and #2

4 miles in Boost8

Ran at about noon. Had to do the double because I didn't have time to do the whole run at once.

Training Run
6 miles in Boost8

Ran at about 5 o'clock. Did this after I got home. Struggled with time management today.