Monday, May 2, 2016


10 miles total
6 in Boost5

Workout was super short again. Did 4xlane 8, then 4 laps of hot and cold 400s at 70-90, then 4xlane 8s, then 4 laps of hot and cold 200s. Good workout, legs feel activated once again so I'm happy. Trying to make sure I'm fresh for the weekend.

Sunday, May 1, 2016


*Perfect Week (only one Easyish day)*

7 days/7sessions

Total: 63 miles

Boost4: 29 miles ==> 168.5 miles

Boost5: 30 miles ==> 125 miles


Easy Training Run
6 miles in Boost4

Ran alone this morning because we didn't have practice. Ran a solid pace once again, at least it felt like it, went watchless today. Good run, besides the gnat that flew into my eye. Ran DOB 6.


Long Run
13 miles in Boost5

Was a little bit of a drizzle this morning. Had official practice at 9:30, last team long run of the year. Ran out to Burke Lake and back and then added on a little bit. We ran a pretty solid pace, got down in the 6's pretty good but my legs felt fine so it was a good sign.


10 miles total
6 in Boost5

Workout was very short. We did 2x400 supposed to be at 72-73 but Luke lead the second one so we went 69. Those we treated as a warmup for the actual workout portion which was a 2 mile cut down. We were supposed to hit race pace through the first mile, we hit 4:53 so right on, and then the last mile get a little faster every lap, which  didn't work. Adam took it on the 5th lap and hit a 68 and then they dropped me a little bit (Adam and Luke) but then they slowed down and we all ran even the last three laps at about 70s. Total times were 9:29 for Adam, 9:31 for Luke, 9:34 for me, and 9:40 for Ethan. after that we did 4 laps of hot and cold 200s. The workout in total wasn't too hard, if the 5th lap wouldn't have been a 68 then it would have been much easier and better according to the plan. Felt fine on the hot and colds, but I feel like my legs haven't been activated yet.