Saturday, February 20, 2016

A10's Day 1 (Saturday)

1 mile in Boost3

Ran around 1:45 with Adam around the hotel area. Felt kinda crappy so it was a good sign.

9 miles total
6 in Boost3

Ran the 5k at 5:45. Got 4th place scoring 5 points for the team. Time was 14:54, first time under 15. Adam unfortunately fell off and didn't score points.

Race was tactically annoying, full of random small surges and and slow downs. First 3k was like that so I did my best to stay in it. Tried to make some people hurt without killing myself in the process, pushed up to the front occasionally to confuse people, then let them pass by for a while. 3k in was the hard move, 4 guys in front started cooking. I stayed close til just before 1k out, then they surged harder again and dropped me. 4 guys went ahead and spread out the rest of us. The St. Louis freshmen fell off the front pack but I couldn't get to him. At some point I passed one of the other front group guys unknowingly. Got passed by UMASS guy on the last lap but beat him to the finish. Thought I got fifth but because the guy from front group fell off I ended up with 4th. Never been so close to passing out after a race, very hard race. So happy about how it went though. Couldn't have done any better than I did. God really pushed me through this one!

Friday, February 19, 2016


Meet Prep:
5 miles total
4.5 miles in Boost3

Ran around URI campus for 4 miles nice and chill. Then did 4x200 strides in Avantis.

Felt really good today, legs were fresh and feeling smooth. Getting hype for that 5k tomorrow.

Thursday, February 18, 2016


Training Run:
8 miles in Boost2

Ran cemetery with Flynn, Stu, and Brent. Felt really crappy until about 5 miles in. Never really felt warmed up. Got in some really good rolling while still warm so should feel better by tomorrow. Trying to prime up for A10's!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


8 miles total
7 in Boost2

Ran a 6 mile training run on DOB. Then did 4x300 strides (50,46,44,43). First 2 were in Adios and last 2 were in Avantis.

Felt a big heavy and banged up today. Training run felt sluggish and strides didn't feel good at all. Still pain in right knee from yesterday when I had a cramp in my hip flexor at the start of the 532's.

Got a massage tonight, mostly on right leg around IT band, knee and hip. Hopefully will feel better soon.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Training Run:
7 miles in Boost2

Snow caused no school and no chance of getting outside, had to run treadmills at the RAC.


Workout day:
11 miles total
6 miles in Boost3

Did 3x1000 (3:05,3:01,3:09), 5,3,2 (around 65 pace), 2x1000 (3:05,3:02), and 5,3,2 (with Trent's group, sub 60 pace)

Felt a bit banged up from treadmill yesterday. Took until second set to feel good.


This is the beginning of my new way to record my running log. This began Feb. 16, 2016 (the Monday on the week of indoor A10 Conferences)