Saturday, July 30, 2016


Training Run + Strides
7.5 miles in Boost5

Ran at the battlefields in the morning so that I could get the packing and cleaning done for the beach. Ran for 5 miles but stopped cause I had to take a dump, then did some shorter strides, and then a 2 mile cool down.


Training Run
6 miles in Boost4

Ran at home in the morning. Was planning on doubling but it didn't work out.

Wednesday PWO

Primary Workout
8 miles in Boost5

Ran after work which was really late and couldn't run beforehand because I went in too early. Did 3 mile warm-up and all of the workout which was 15 sets of 1 minute on/off. Then only did a 5 minute cool down because it was almost 9:30 and I needed to eat.


Training Run
7 miles in Boost4

Ran after work but that was at noon while it was like 94 degrees. Tried to get it done earlier so that I could work on longboards. Felt better today but was super hot. Ran at the battlefields


Easy Day
3 miles in Boost4

Ran after work at pole green. Was an awful run cause I was so tired from the weekend


*normal work*

7 days/7 sessions

Total: 62 miles

Boost4: 19 miles ==> 396 miles

Boost5: 43 miles ==> 357 miles

Sunday, July 24, 2016


Training Run
7 miles in Boost5

Ran at Burke Lake with Trent, Marcus, and Kenneth. The had long run tempo but I tagged along for my 7 miles. Did about 22 minutes of tempo with them. Prolly not the best idea since long run was yesterday but oh well.