Saturday, October 29, 2016

Saturday A10 Championship

12 miles total
7 in Boost6

Didn't go how I wanted it to go. Felt a little sluggish on the tempo but tried to get myself warmed up on the strides. Getting out didn't feel good like it did at North Carolina. Was top 30 the whole race and ended up 16th overall and 2nd for the team behind Logan who got 3rd. Brent was 18th and Trent was 22nd. Paul 36th, Adam 46th, Andrew 60th, Sharkey 61st, Dustin 63rd, Jonny 85th. I ran 25:11. 4th mile hurt pretty bad. Our team got 4th behind Dayton 1st, Duquesne 2nd, and St. Louis 3rd. Dayton came out of nowhere to win it and not only win but completely destroy it. Unfortunate day for us, some of us didn't have the days we needed including me. Gotta get past it and focus on regionals now

Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday A10's Meet Prep

Meet Prep
7 miles total
6.5 in Boost7

Ran the course at Pole Green and then added on a mile. Did my strides on the last 1000 and then did a 5 minute cool down. Felt good today, really good. Hopefully will feel this good tomorrow.

Thursday #2

Training Run
8 miles in Boost7

Ran Mud loop. A bit humid from the rain earlier in the day. Legs not feeling quite ready for A10's yet.

Thursday #1

3 miles in Boost5

Ran from the apartment again. A bit chilly this morning


11 miles total
7.5 miles in Boost6

Ran the first part in Providence. Did the same old 1 lap, 2 laps, 3 laps, 2 laps, 1 lap thing. Average splits were a little bit slower this time though. Then we went over to the track and did 2x800 at 5 minute pace and faster pace. Then we did an alone 400 and then some strides. for the 800s I hit 2:28 and 2:24. for the 400 I hit 60 but definitely felt slower then that. Cool down was only 5 minutes which really messed up my mileage.


Training Run + Strides
10 miles total
9 miles in Boost7

Ran a normal training run and then did some strides on the track and soccer field. Felt a little slow today.


Easy Day
4 miles in Boost7

Ran at noon after my Music test. Didn't have official practice so I ran a little bit early to have more time to study for my MIS test.


*recovery week - 2 workouts, long run*

7 days/8 sessions

Total: 76 miles

Boost6: 32 miles ==> 303.5 miles

Boost7: 34 miles ==> 229 miles


Long Run
16 miles in Boost6

Ran cemetery with Flynn and Adam. Felt good today actually. We ended up dropping Adam a little bit which I felt bad about but Flynn just wouldn't slow down for him


Training Run
8 miles in Boost7

Ran in the morning at unofficial practice. Felt tired today


Primary Workout
11 miles total
6 miles in Boost6

Workout was 2x3k on the track. Had to do the first 1k on the first one at a faster pace to simulate getting out hard, then slow down to 5 minute pace. For the second one we started out slower at 5 minute pace and then the last k we ran harder. Was in the group with Luke, Logan, Flynn, Brent, Adam, and Andrew (only on the second one). They kicked a little bit too hard for me on the second one and I dropped just a tad. Legs finally started feeling good again and now they are going to be a little tired again.


Longer Training Run + Strides
11 miles total
10 in Boost7

Ran a training run on the longer side of our normal training runs. Did 10 and then had some strides to get ready for the workout tomorrow.

Wednesday #2

Training Run
8 miles in Boost7

Ran MUD loop. Legs still feeling tired and heavy and beat up


3 miles in Boost5

Ran in the morning from the apartment. Felt crappy


Secondary Workout
11 miles total
10 miles in Boost6

Workout was 3 reps of 3 loops in Providence at about normal pace. Then afterwards we went back to the track and did some strides. Felt kinda tired today, not yet recovered from the race.