Thursday, June 16, 2016


Training Run
7 miles in Boost4

Ran at home in the morning. Did the fields out and back like always. Was in mid 70s, cloudy and very humid. Felt like I was running slow but actually ran a relatively normal pace

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Training Run
6 miles in Boost4

Ran at LD with Wingo (no practice cause exam week for them). Was a little hot today but we made it. Took off Monday cause didn't want to risk getting sick. Felt better today, just super snotty.


5 days/ 5 sessions

Total: 39 miles (not too bad for 5 sessions)

Boost4: 12 miles ==> 266 miles

Boost5: 27 miles ==> 205 miles


Long Run
10 miles in Boost5

Ran up at Mason but ran alone because it was on short notice. Good thing I ran alone because I ran super slow. Woke up feeling a little sick and the run made it so much worse. Don't know how I made it home that day. Didn't get enough sleep past few days, especial with bringing Melissa down to Maggie and Austin's grad party and then driving her back after playing all day. It's been a long week.


11 miles total
7 in Boost5

Ran the Corporate 4 miler for Timmons Group today. Got second place with a 20:44. Not bad race, felt how I should in the off season and race faster than I thought I would so that was cool. Did a 3 mile warm up plus a 5 minute tempo and did a 3+ mile cool down with Skeeter, Tommy Mulroy, Andrew Gorsuch, and a couple other guys. Great weather today, not too hot and was late in the afternoon so the sun was going down.


Training Run + Strides
5 miles in Boost5
1 mile in Flats

Ran a 5 mile training run and then did a few strides on the road plus a little cool down just to get my legs going for the race tomorrow.


Training Run
6 miles in Boost4

Ran at Pole Green after work. Got off really late so I had to run alone today.


Training Run:
6 miles in Boost4

Ran with Wingo at LD practice. Getting ready for the Corporate 4 miler this week!

Totals (week ending 6/5)

5 days/5 sessions

Total: 35 miles

Boost4: 25 miles ==> 254 miles

Boost5: 10 miles ==> 178 miles