Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday #1

Training Run
6 miles in Boost4

Ran when I got up today. Decided to do 6 and then double later with some possible strides. Also supposed to be really hot one today so I got the main run done early.


Training Run
8 miles in Boost5

Ran in the morning to stay away from the heat today. Heat index hit 106 today. Anyways, ran when I got up. Went down to the fields and had to take a dump. Sadly did not get to wipe but I still added an extra mile at the end. Great run other than not wiping.


Training Run
4 miles in Boost4

Work went really late today. I rushed to get to the battlefields before sunset. I got in one loop but it was almost dark and I didn't want to risk a ticket so I went home. Ran my one loop pretty fast actually so was almost a moderate run.

Tuesday PWO

Primary Workout
8.5 miles in Boost5

Ran at LD after work. Was kinda hot today but not too bad when I ran. Debated whether to do it today or wait until tomorrow but I decided today was the best day since tomorrow might be a long day. Did 3 mile warm-up on the "8-mile" out and back. Workout was 10 sets of minute on/off. Struggled in the middle with keeping myself on a good pace. My head started saying that I was running fast when really I was running a good training run pace. Made sure that on the last 3 that I was going fast enough. I ran pretty good pace on those. Finished off with a 2.5 mile cool down that may have been a tad longer than that. Good workout but definitely should have pushed myself harder.


Alternate Workout

Biked today instead of run. My ankle was still hurting from Sunday's roll so I decided to keep it off my feet. Fun bike ride. Tried to just make it more fun than work to help keep my motivation up.


*2 shorter days*

7 days and 7 sessions

Total: 48 miles

Boost4: 24 miles ==> 356 miles

Boost5: 24 miles ==> 285.5 miles


Training Run
7 miles in Boost4

Ran at the Battlefields in the morning with Jack. Felt pretty easy. Rolled my ankle pretty hard at about 3.5 miles but kinda jogged it off. Hurt pretty bad the rest of the day though.


Long Run
11 miles in Boost4

Ran with Wingo in the morning before it got too hot. Good run, was a little bit tired from yesterday but felt alright. Was supposed to do a tempo but forgot to tell wingo so I just left it as a run.


Training Run
7 miles in Boost4

Ran up at Mason with Dustin and Hunter and one of their friends. Had to go up to deliver a stupid package but ended up being fun seeing my good ol pal dustin


Training Run
5 miles in Boost5

Came home late expecting dinner to be ready and then I could do a night time run but dinner was not ready. Did my run but cut it short.