Friday, July 15, 2016

Tuesday PWO

Primary Workout
8.5 miles in Boost5

Ran at LD after work. Was kinda hot today but not too bad when I ran. Debated whether to do it today or wait until tomorrow but I decided today was the best day since tomorrow might be a long day. Did 3 mile warm-up on the "8-mile" out and back. Workout was 10 sets of minute on/off. Struggled in the middle with keeping myself on a good pace. My head started saying that I was running fast when really I was running a good training run pace. Made sure that on the last 3 that I was going fast enough. I ran pretty good pace on those. Finished off with a 2.5 mile cool down that may have been a tad longer than that. Good workout but definitely should have pushed myself harder.

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