Monday, February 27, 2017


*1 easy day, 1 long run, 1 workout*

7 days/7 sessions

Total: 65 miles (Recovery Week)

Boost8: 36 miles ==> 311 miles

Sequence: 29 miles ==> 170.5 miles


Training Run
7 miles in Sequence

Ran in the morning before the Last Chance Meet. Didn't feel very bad at all this morning, as if I wasn't sick anymore. Run felt okay, not 100% but about 50 times better than yesterday. Thinking that maybe my allergies just hit me really hard yesterday like they did last year. Not sure how it works though but I don't think I'm sick even though I felt like death yesterday. The 70 degree weather must have just been getting to me.


Long Run
14ish miles in Boost8

Woke up this morning for morning practice feeling like crap. Was worried that I may have picked up whatever sickness was going around the team but tried to ignore it. Then on the run I realized that I was not fine. Struggled in the way out but was manageable enough to keep up. Turned around with the 14 crew cause they were the farthest and I wasn't sure if 18 was a good idea with how I felt. On the way back we were going pretty slow but I still got dropped at about 9 miles. Caught back up at Little Run hill but when we got there I couldn't stay with them. Heart Rate was high and breathing was awful, chest felt cold. Never caught back up with them. Walked up Cemetery hill and the mile to go hill plus some. Got back and almost fell asleep in the recovery room. Almost couldn't even stretch. I was very cold so stayed in the shower for a while. Hopefully I can get over the sickness fast.


Training Run
10 miles in Sequence

Meant to double today but just wasn't feeling it this morning. Struggled on this run, legs were tired from yesterday.

Thursday (Primary Workout)

Primary Workout
13 miles in Boost8

Had a fartlek workout with Brent. Did 8x 3min. on / 2 min. off. Did the first one around reverse Michigan and then went out towards Insane and did the last one on the track. Then took a little time and did 3x300. Ran pretty hard today but felt good. 300s sucked but the fartlek was good. Blister finally feeling fine.