Sunday, April 3, 2016


*Race Week/Imperfect*

7 days/8 sessions

Total mileage: 66.5 miles

Boost3: 23 miles --> 560.5 miles (officially retired)

Boost4: 13 miles --> 175.5 miles

Boost5: 21.5 miles --> 21.5 miles


Long Run:
14 miles in Boost5

Ran at 11 am with Dustin, Marcus, and Kidd. Ran really slow, the 10k finally hit me when I got up this morning. Legs were in so much pain this morning, it was very, very sad. Went out to the 12 turn around and added on when I got back.


Training Run:
6 miles in Boost4

Ran at 9:00 am with Adam after 4 hours of sleep. Was a good run actually, wasn't in too much pain to be honest. Legs were a little tired but I don't think I got enough sleep for them to feel tired yet. Was raining pretty good but it was still moderately warm. Ran from the hotel over to W&M and then through some trails around town. Then Adam and I hit up brunch at The College Delly across from the track.


1.5 miles in Boost5

Did shakeout at 6 pm cause the race was so late. Legs felt okay.


12 miles total
6 in Boost5

Race was the 10k at Colonial Relays. Ran it at 10:45 pm!!! It was so late. Adam and I ran it together. Went out a little fast but chilled it down after the first lap. Adam and I switched off every K for a little while but he made a surge and I couldn't hang at the time so I dropped off but maintained pace. Some guy came up on me and we went back and forth for a while. Hit 15:20 through 5k. Caught Adam and the chase pack at about 4.5 miles. Adam and the other dude and I went back and forth the rest of the race. Adam had a nice hard kick and got 30:42, I got 30:47. Was a good 10k debut, right around where I wanted to be. Got 5th in the race And only got lapped by Tommy Curtain once and that wasn't until 500 to go. Ran it in Takumi's and they felt great. Got ice cream afterwards, a nice whole pint of chocolate chip cookie dough all to myself!