Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Training Run
8 miles in Sequence

Was going to do 10 miles again today but once again my legs were very tired. Also my foot was compensating for my blister the past few days so that has been making me run a little funny. Felt crappy today


Training Run
9 miles in Boost8

Thought we were going to have a long run today but coach decided a training run. Was planning on doing at least 10 but my legs were very tired still so I cut it at 9


Easy Day
4 miles in Sequence

Took a real easy day today which was much needed because my legs were tired bois


*2 races, 3 doubles, 2 workouts*

7 days/12 sessions

Total: 77 miles

Boost8: 18 miles ==> 275 miles

Sequence: 42.5 miles ==> 141.5 miles

Sunday (Day 2 - A10's)

Race 2
7 miles total
5 miles in Sequence

Ran the 3k. Much more disappointment. Was in the pack and felt great actually. Was tired from last night but was managing the pace very well. Between 6 to go and 5 to go I moved into second place and got ready to make my move, confident that I could win and redeem my 5k last night. They made a move at 5 to go and ONCE AGAIN I couldn't change gears. My legs wouldn't let me go faster than whatever pace I had been running the whole race, assuming 70. Not sure of my place but I wasn't close to scoring. Way more unacceptable than last night. Subtweet: Can't complain about me not being able to hang on to the move when all we have worked on is strength, not speed. I can hold 70 all day, no problem. But you try to get me to go from 70 to 65, my legs can't do it. It isn't a lack of confidence, I was extremely confident that I could win or at least podium. The lack of speed work from workouts has caused me to not be able to change gears. Just something to work on for outdoors I guess, but it would be nice to not get embarrassed by getting dropped by a kick that isn't even that fast. Heck, I closed my outdoor 10k in 60 and I can't even get faster than a damn 70 in the 3k? Something is not right.

We did win the team title so that was a positive thing.

Saturday (Day 1 - A10's)

Race 1
9 miles total
6 miles in Boost8

Had the 5k tonight. Disappointing but semi-successful. Got 6th place so I scored 3 points, and points are points. Disappointing part was that at 2k to go, Fordham kid dropped a 66 and I couldn't hang. My last several 400's were 70s. That's unacceptable. I caught the pack that made the big move, but they moved again and I had no response. Ended up pulling out 6th place which scores but not what I wanted. Just couldn't change gears to anything faster than 70. Now I'll need to redeem myself in the 3k tomorrow. Got a nasty blister on the bottom of my foot because of the SuperFeet in my spikes.

Shakeout for 1 mile earlier.

Friday (Meet Prep - Doubles)

4 miles in Sequence

Did a nice 4 from my apartment in the morning. Felt pretty dead but probably because I had just gotten up.

Meet Prep
10 miles total
9.5 miles in Sequence

Did an 8 mile training run. Felt exceptionally well on the run. Then did some strides on the track but had to weave through people. Felt great on the strides though. Cool down also felt fantastic. Really excited for the 5k tomorrow, gotta do better than last year (4th place last year).

Thursday (Easy Doubles)

3 miles in Sequence

Ran in the morning after my class again. Doing a shorter double and tr today to resemble an easier day two days out. Then tomorrow will be a longer and harder day to build the blood pressure back up.

Training Run
7 miles in Sequence

Did Mud short. Felt okay today which is usually a good sign.


11 miles total
6 in Boost8

Workout was 12xLane8. Did two sets of 6 lane 8's. First time doing lane 8's in forever and it felt a little bit weird. Afterwards did a 5-3-2. Lane 8's were at about 72 pace and 5-3-2 was at 64 pace. Felt pretty good today.

Tuesday (Doubles)

4 miles in Sequence

Ran after my class. Felt a little bit tired this morning.

Training Run
10 miles in Sequence

Felt better than I did this morning. Trying to keep the mileage up this week since the workouts will be low and the weekend will be very low.


10 miles total
6 in Boost8

Workout was 6xK. Rounded up the mileage for the jogging in between. Felt pretty good today. Just normal K's. Getting prepped for A10's.

Total for Week of 2/6

*2 doubles, 1 easy, 2 workouts, 1 long run*

7 days/9 sessions

Total: 84 miles

Boost8: 30 miles ==> 257 miles

Sequence: 44 miles ==> 99 miles

Monday, February 20, 2017


*1 race, 2 workouts, 3 doubles, no ez*

7 days/11 sessions

Total: 87 miles

Boost8: 26 miles ==> 227 miles

Sequence1:  54 miles ==> 55 miles


Long Run
18 miles in Sequence1

Ran the long run as soon as we got back to the fieldhouse. Sucked

Saturday - Scarlet and White Invitational

8 miles total
6 in Boost8

Ran the 3k today. Got 3rd. Was supposed to pace off of Cory and Flynn but I couldn't keep up at that pace so I ended up running almost the whole race alone. Hit 8:29 which I am pretty happy about. Came through at 4:28 so was on good pace. If I could have had a kick or been with people I may have done better.

Did a shakeout earlier in the day

Friday (Meet Prep Doubles)

Meet Prep TR
10 miles in Sequence1

Ran before leaving for Boston. Did strides now since the track would be closed when we got to Boston.

4 miles in Boost8

Ran after we got to the hotel in Boston

Thursday (Doubles)

4 miles in Sequence1

Ran after morning class.

Training Run
8 miles in Sequence1