Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Sunday (Day 2 - A10's)

Race 2
7 miles total
5 miles in Sequence

Ran the 3k. Much more disappointment. Was in the pack and felt great actually. Was tired from last night but was managing the pace very well. Between 6 to go and 5 to go I moved into second place and got ready to make my move, confident that I could win and redeem my 5k last night. They made a move at 5 to go and ONCE AGAIN I couldn't change gears. My legs wouldn't let me go faster than whatever pace I had been running the whole race, assuming 70. Not sure of my place but I wasn't close to scoring. Way more unacceptable than last night. Subtweet: Can't complain about me not being able to hang on to the move when all we have worked on is strength, not speed. I can hold 70 all day, no problem. But you try to get me to go from 70 to 65, my legs can't do it. It isn't a lack of confidence, I was extremely confident that I could win or at least podium. The lack of speed work from workouts has caused me to not be able to change gears. Just something to work on for outdoors I guess, but it would be nice to not get embarrassed by getting dropped by a kick that isn't even that fast. Heck, I closed my outdoor 10k in 60 and I can't even get faster than a damn 70 in the 3k? Something is not right.

We did win the team title so that was a positive thing.

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