Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Wednesday - Michigan Fartlek

Fartlek Workout
11 miles in Boost7

Did the workout in the morning at Lee Davis practice. Did the actual workout with Rob and Paul. The workout was 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 minutes on with 4 minute recovery throughout. The paces for the on portions were as follows: 5:21, 5:16, 5:03, 3:40 (1200), 2:18 (800), and 65 (400). Those were the paces, but I would finish however much time was leftover. Did the 7 minute rep with the LD team. Finished the workout with Rob, paul was a little bit tired towards the last few reps. Good workout today. Did the workout in Spring Meadows.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Training Run
8 miles in Boost8

Ran at home this morning. Was very warm and humid but was a good run. Only problem was the wind.


Training Run + Workout Strides
10 miles total
8.5 in Boost7

Ran at LD in the morning. Did an 8 mile training run and then did the same old 8x300 strides, starting out at 54 and going down to 44. Had a good paced run. The first stride was really slow but the second one was a 47 so it was fine. Ran the strides in my Adios and had no bursa problems.


*one stride workout, one fartlek, one long run, one easy day*

7 days/7 sessions

Total: 62.5 miles (too low)

Boost7: 62.5 miles ==> 447.5 miles

Boost8: 40 miles

Sunday - Christmas Day

Easy Day
3 miles in Boost7

Ran at my house before going over to grammy and pop's house. Good run and was very nice weather, warm and sunny.


Long Run
14 miles in Boost7

Had to get up at 5 am for this because family was supposed to be over by 11 am. Went downtown for the run. Was dark and cold rain this morning. Was a fun run mostly because of how miserable it was. Only saw a few other people running, and they were all one group. Had to stop at Pony Pasture to take a dump, got lucky that the bathroom there was open.


Training Run
8 miles in Boost7

Ran at the Battlefields in the morning with Wingo and Tiel. Good relaxing run after a relatively hard day yesterday.