Thursday, March 31, 2016


Meet Prep:
6 miles Boost3

Did half the run on lower fields and then the rest was Providence warm-up. Did some strides afterwards, a 300 and 2 200's. Run felt so painful but the strides were good. Ran them in takumis to get ready to race in.


Training Run:
8 miles in Boost3

Ran Lake Loop with most of the guys. Felt kinda crappy, legs were hurting a little. Rolled my ankle on the cool down yesterday and tried to keep it safe today but didn't work, rolled it slightly again. Hurt a little for a while. Hopefully it doesn't get too hindering.


10 miles total
7 in Boost4

Workout was a pre meet workout. Went 4xlane 8s watchless, then 1000 (Lane 1) at 10k race pace but based it on feel (also watchless) and hit 3:00, then 2x1000 with a watch at 10k pace (3:05,3:02), then 4 laps of hot and cold 200s. Was a good workout but was a little hard. Not much knee pain today.

Monday, March 28, 2016


Training Run + Strides:
9 miles in Boost3

Ran DOB 8 with some of the guys. Had to make a poop stop though. Run was good but had some slight knee pain. Strides I did 3x150s on the grass to help my knees. Got a massage later for my glute muscle that's been pulling really hard on my IT band.


Total: 67 miles
Boost3: 14 miles --> 537.5 miles
Boost4: 34 miles --> 162.5 miles
*Imperfect Week*


Training Run:
6 miles in Boost4

Ran from the house in the morning before church. Lacked motivation so went shorter than I was supposed to.