Sunday, May 1, 2016


10 miles total
6 in Boost5

Workout was very short. We did 2x400 supposed to be at 72-73 but Luke lead the second one so we went 69. Those we treated as a warmup for the actual workout portion which was a 2 mile cut down. We were supposed to hit race pace through the first mile, we hit 4:53 so right on, and then the last mile get a little faster every lap, which  didn't work. Adam took it on the 5th lap and hit a 68 and then they dropped me a little bit (Adam and Luke) but then they slowed down and we all ran even the last three laps at about 70s. Total times were 9:29 for Adam, 9:31 for Luke, 9:34 for me, and 9:40 for Ethan. after that we did 4 laps of hot and cold 200s. The workout in total wasn't too hard, if the 5th lap wouldn't have been a 68 then it would have been much easier and better according to the plan. Felt fine on the hot and colds, but I feel like my legs haven't been activated yet.

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