Monday, March 20, 2017

Tuesday (Secondary Workout)

Threshold Workout
13 miles total
6 in Boost8

Did the workout early with Luke cause he didn't ant to run by himself. Normal warm-up and cool down. Workout was 10xK on the outdoor track. Good temperature today but wind was really rough, especially coming around on the starting stretch. Goal was to start out around 5 minute pace and work down to 3 flat by the end of the workout. Split it up into 2 sets of 5xK. I took 1, 3, and 5 on the first set. We went 3:09, 3:09, 3:07, 3:15, 3:06. Was hurting pretty good after the first set. Changed into Takumi's for the second set. Luke led the 6th one and went about 3:09, I took number 7 and went 3:06 and Luke dropped off a bit. Luke took the next one but I had to take it myself after the first lap which was a 77. Hit about 3:06 on that one. Last two coach just got me to start by myself cause Luke was struggling a little. Went 3:03 and 3:02 for the last two. Was a rough workout considering the wind and doing a workout yesterday. Gotta be ready for the hard one on Thursday. Had weight room today

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