Monday, March 20, 2017

Monday (Primary Workout)

Fartlek Workout
12 miles in Sequence

Ran the workout with the LD kids for one rep kinda. Did a normal warm-up. Workout was 10 sets of 3 minutes on and 2 minutes off. Did the first rep with the kids cause they were also doing a fartlek. But theirs was way too short for me so I ended up doing mine on the k loop that goes around the school. Was raining/icing the whole workout which was pelting my face. My legs were not at all ready for this workout and were very sad to be running. Took until about number 6 for them to feel warmed up, but then they just started getting tired. Was supposed to do strides afterwards but my legs were hurting so bad and it was so wet that I figured it wasn't worth it. Did a 2.5 mile cool down.

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