Monday, April 24, 2017

Week of April 17

Week of Duke Invitational

*1 race, 1 long run, 1 easy, 1 workout, 2 doubles*

Monday: regular tr; 10 miles

Workout: regular pre race workout: did some 1000s going from 3:10, 3:07, 3:07, 3:04; then a fast 1000 at 2:48; then some strides; right leg was feeling unattached so the fast 1000 was helpful

Wednesday: double and tr felt not too good; total 12

Thursday: pre meet day doubles and tr with strides; did 14 total; felt much better today but right leg still feeling kinda weird; left for Duke today after practice

Race: Duke Invitational on Friday and Saturday; I raced the 5k on Friday night; got into the fast heat  solely by coach's request but earned my spot; got 4th with a 14:43; raced well but my time wasn't where I hoped it would be; but I beat some guys that run 14:20s or faster so that was a positive; back was pretty tight in the middle and had a few slower laps because of it; good run though, got the IC4A qualifier

Long Run: 16ish Saturday morning before heading over to the meet; Ran with Cory and Ethan; The run wasn't too bad but I was certainly tired from the night before; back was tight at the beginning but warmed up; got really tight towards the end on some of the small downhills; was a good run; ran on the American Tobacco Trail which was extremely shaded which was great because it was already 80 at 11 o'clock; back was so tight afterwards that it was hard to walk; tried STEM when I got to the track but didn't help for very long; got Tim to massage it which helped more

Easy day: at school on sunday; back super tight still so I cut the run from 4 to 3 miles

Total mileage: 75 miles

Boost8: 23 miles ==> 532.5 miles

Sequence: 44 miles ==> 467 miles

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