Monday, November 7, 2016


Primary Workout
11 miles total
6 miles in Boost6

Workout was 1 Michigan mile, 3xk, 2xk, 3x400. The mile was a full Michigan, supposed to be about 5:00, we hit 4:57 and it felt like a straight sprint. The 3xk was 2 steady and 1 fast. Steady ones were 3:03 and 3:04, fast one was 2:55. The 2xk was 1 steady, 1 fast. They were the same paces as the 3xk set. The steady ones were supposed to be 3:07s and the fast was supposed to be 2:55 at the fastest. Finally the 3x400s were supposed to be about 68-70, we were a bit faster. Had big rest in between the sets. Was a hard workout but it was the last hard one of the season so it was good. Had to be in the fast group but it was manageable today.

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