Thursday, July 7, 2016


Training Run (almost)
4 miles in Boost4

Ran after work at the battlefields. Was a bit cloudy, looked like it was gonna rain but the radar said it probably wouldn't. It also said no lightning. Started the run and heard distant thunder a couple minutes in. Kept going and then it started a light rain, then after a while it got super heavy rain. At about 3 miles there was a strike of lightning about 2-3 miles away but the lightning wasn't very often. Continued running and finished the loop. Determined whether or not to finish the run and then a really close bolt of lightning hit. Decided then that I should just wait it out. Got back to the car and waited 5 minutes and the storm wasn't clearing so I went home. When I got home it was storming at all so I thought about finishing my run there, 2 minutes later the storm hit the house. So unfortunately had to call it there.

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