Sunday, September 25, 2016


Primary Workout
13 miles total
6 miles in Boost6

Michigan Workout. Went poorly. Coach put me and Andrew with the front group. Did the 2k and felt like I was working a little bit too hard that soon into the workout. Went through in the 4:50s. Off the track mile felt too hard at the beginning, probably because they like to take things out too fast. Hit 5:35 for that which was on the faster side of our range. Then during the mile Brent and Luke led the first lap and took it out way too fast, creating a gap that me and Andrew and Logan just couldn't close. We ended up running slower than we were supposed to so coach put us with Dustin and Trent (their group fell apart also). We stayed with them for the rest. Did not feel good today at all. Felt like I was going to throw up after every rep for the first few reps until after the mile that was after the 1200. Coach was pissed.

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