Thursday, April 14, 2016


12 miles total
6 miles in Boost5

Michigan. Today was a surprise Michigan style workout. This one was 2k, off track mile, mile, 5 minute jog, 1200, 3 minute jog + shoe change, 800, lap jog, 400. Paces were: 2k-75s, off track mile-5:30, mile-73s, 1200-71s, 800-69s, and 400 fast but even. Actual times were 6:08, 5:38 (Ethan's fault), 4:52, 3:33, 2:15, 56. Felt a tired, as I should, but I felt like everything was obtainable no matter how tired I got. Was a good workout, did exactly what I needed to. Ethan was assigned to run with me. He kept up for all but a few where he dropped off by a couple seconds. My knee was bothering me all day but was fine during the workout. Got in a little extra jogging before the cool down (was waiting for Flynn) so that got the total up to 12. Didn't get much sleep last night because I stayed up studying for my accounting test tomorrow. Definitely affected me a little. Overall it was a successful day.

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