Thursday, May 19, 2016

Friday (IC4A's)

1.5 miles in Boost5

Ran from the hotel down the street a little ways. Legs felt crappy so hopefully tonight they will feel better.

12.5 miles total
6.5 miles in Boost5

Got to the track at around 6 pm. Watched a couple races and then had to go warm-up. Warmed up through Princeton University, was really cool campus. Legs still feeling crappy but I finally started to get into race mode. Didn't have time to do drills, only got in one stride. Race went off and I went with the front pack, was a bad decision. They hit 72s for the first two laps so coach told me to back off and go to the second pack. Legs had started to burn a little bit so it was a good idea. Dropped off the front pack and took forever for the second pack to get me. Stayed on the second pack the rest of the race and picked off some people that died off the front pack, including Ferris. Adam and I stayed together whole time, and the UMass guy with glasses. Ended beating my pack except for one guy. Beat all the A10 guys and ran faster than 31 minutes so I was fine with it. Ran 30:51 and got 10th. Was good for having no expectations. Went straight back to the hotel afterwards and did the cool down at the hotel. Adam and I ran to Wal-Mart instead and got a tub of ice cream for each of us. Only ate a little bit of it tonight though.

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