Sunday, May 8, 2016

Saturday (A10's Day1)

Meet Day!!!!!!!!

1.5 miles in Boost5

Ran around 3 pm with Adam from the track. Felt really crappy, got a little bit of a cramp and just didn't feel good at all. Got some subway afterwards and drank a ton of water to try and help me feel ready to go.

12.5 miles total
6 in Boost5

Ran the 10k. Warm-up felt pretty crappy still. Better than the shakeout but not how I wanted to feel. Got all warmed up and ready to go, decided to run in Takumi flats because they felt great and I hadn't touched my spikes all outdoor. Strides didn't feel too great either but I knew what I had to do. Race got off at 7:15 just as planned. Started out the first lap in dead last, like usual. Adam had gotten out though and it looked like the pack was trying to go with so I got up to the front, which is when they decided to let Adam go. Adam lead the whole first half with a 10 meter gap on the chase pack. I stayed in about 4th-5th of the chase pack the whole time, right in my comfortable spot. Went through 5k in 15:30's which is when we started to catch Adam. Once we got close people got excited and started picking it up to 72s, which hurt a little but I still felt relaxed and ready. Slowed back down to 73s after a couple laps and my legs started feeling really good again. Felt like I was just floating and not even trying which was awesome. Stayed on the pack for a while. Got to 2k left and the pack had started to break up a bit but there were about 10 of us that were in the lead pack, I sat right in 4th. A mile to go a Davidson kid made a move, I was not ready. I had started feeling pretty tired at this point so this move hurt me a little bit. The move spread the pack out a lot but the kid slowed back down and we caught him. At this point we had about a 1000 to go, Davidson kid in front, St. Loius kid in 2nd and me sitting on his shoulder. Was trying to decide when to go but because of how I felt I decided to wait til 400. Came back around to 600 to go and I had moved to 2nd so I said screw it and just went for it. I took the lead and created a small gap, lead until 400 to go when Brewster blew by me. I wanted to catch him but decided to just see if he would come back (honestly didn't knew it was Brewster when I was running). Stayed in second until the end, couldn't catch him for my life, and I ran a 62 last lap, he ran 57. I ran sub 30 last 200 because I was scared someone was coming up on me but nobody really was, I had made a good enough gap that they couldn't do anything about it. Ran sub 15 the last 5k and finished in 30:29, so I got a huge PR as well. Was so hype!!!! great race, my best one to the day. Poor Adam had died off and didn't score. So happy about the race though. Got some huge points for the team. Cool down was nice and slow. Poor adam was told that he was in the 5k tomorrow.

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