Sunday, May 8, 2016


10.5 miles total
6 in Boost5

Had maybe the last workout of the year today. Did 4 lane 8's, a K, 4 lane 8's, and then 4 200's. Was a fine workout. Felt kinda crappy though. Felt like I was capable of doing what I needed to for the times but I didn't feel like I had much after that. Although, on the 200's I felt fast, hit 29 on the first one and 28's on the last 3, those were the easiest thing of the whole workout. The lane 8's were weird, felt like we were trying way to hard just to hit 72's. Then on the K we were hitting the same pace and it felt like we were jogging. The K we hit 2:58, right on the plan. Good final workout before A10's this weekend.

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