Monday, September 19, 2016

Friday Oatland's Workout

Primary Workout
14 miles total
6 in Boost6

Oatland's Workout. Best Oatland's Workout in my college career. Temperature was about 74 and cloudy, couldn't ask for better weather. Workout was 4xmile to 5xK. The first 3 mile repeats were on the high school course and the last one was the first mile of the high school course again. First three were supposed to be in the 5 o's for my group (second group). We hit 5:02, 5:19, 5:09. The fourth mile we grouped up with the front group (and stayed intermingled for the rest of the workout), and we were supposed to run 4:50s but hit 4:44. That one hurt pretty good. Then we did K's on the first K of the course (up and down the long starting hill). averaged 2:52 on the down ones and 3:10 for the up ones. Did stutter starts on the second, fourth and fifth reps. Stutter starts were to practice helping each other latch on when we come up on them in a race. Hard workout, feeling very tired but got through it with times we needed and coach was very pleased.

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