Monday, September 19, 2016

Saturday JMU Invitational

13 miles total
7 miles in Boost6

Race was in New Market, VA. First time we have gone to this meet and not had it raining super hard, but instead of that we had some intense heat. Normal warm-up with a 5 minute faster pace run and strides. Don't know what time I got for the race but the order of our team finishing was Adam, Brent, Carlin, Me, Dustin?, Luke, ...... idk for the rest. Paul went out with front group and died, same for Logan and Luke but Luke was the only one that hung on even a little bit. Trent was sick and dropped out at about 4.5 miles but was with me the whole time. Jonny was with me but dropped off a little before mile 4. Ethan almost died, literally. Carlin did awesome. Adam and I ran similar races but he was in the front pack and I was in the second pack. Brent went way ahead for no reason and fell back almost all the way to me. Gotta get those front guys to not fall off so hard and need to get my group to grow some balls and want to get up with them by mile two at the least.

1 mile shake-out this morning

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