Sunday, October 9, 2016


Primary Workout
12 miles total
6 in Boost6

Workout was mile repeats. Did 6xmile, first 3 were on the Michigan loop and last three were on the track. I was in second group with Trent, Andrew, Jonny, and Dustin. I led all of the reps we did. Off the track miles were 5:15 (perfect), 5:11 (little bit slow), 5:00 (faster side but perfect). Then the on the track miles were 4:53 (slightly fast), 4:48 (perfect), and the last one we combined with the first group and were supposed to hit 4:40 but hit 4:37. Really good workout, coach said it may be the fastest set of miles he's seen at mason. 3rd one off the track hurt pretty bad, and the last one hurt pretty good too but was easier than the off the track one. Changed from Adios to Takumi's after the 4th mile.

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