Monday, January 30, 2017

Friday (Patriot Games-Day 1)

10 miles total
7 miles in Boost8

Ran the 5k at 6pm. Only one heat and not really any competition. Had some guy from UMBC go out and lead for the first mile before slowing down a little. He was hitting right on 72s so we stuck behind him. Ended up hitting a couple 73s and then a 74 so I told Luke to go around. He lead a few more laps to the 2k before I took the pace. Hit right on 72s I think. Luke took back over at 3k but was hurting a little bit so I passed him with a mile to go after he dropped a 75. I was alone for the rest of the race and closed the K in a 2:54. Only ran 15:10 so it was pretty slow, converts to 15:01. Definitely was struggling today, maybe cause the race was so late, not sure. Coach wasn't too disappointed with my race so works for me.

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