Monday, January 30, 2017


Secondary Workout
13 miles in total
6 miles in Boost8

Workout was 5xmile and 6 laps of hot and cold 200s. This workout was outside because of the nicer weather. The miles were off-on-off-on-off the track. Off miles were at a slightly faster training run pace. On the track miles were quite a bit faster. First one was 4:44 (supposed to be 4:48) and the second one was 4:32 (supposed to be 4:40). The hot and colds were just as hard as the miles. Hot 200s were about 32 seconds. Did the hot and colds in boost spikes and had some of the pain from Wednesday come back up again. Felt like maybe my foot was turning in a little bit too much. Had weight room again today. Normal 3 mile warm-up and cool down for the workout.

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