Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Wednesday (Primary Workout)

Primary Workout
10 miles total
7 miles in Boost8

Really low volume workout today. Had 3xK and 3x300. For the K's I was in group 2 and the pace goal was 3:06-07. Group 1 was doing 3 flat pace which is what I'm used to so I'm not sure why I got switched up. Pace was very manageable. The 300s were in whatever group we wanted, I was with Sharkey and the Jutras brothers. We went 47, 44, 43. That was the only hard part just because it was fast and I was in Takumi's to prevent more pain. Had a bit of pain on the warm up but it felt fine in the workout. Did a long cool down to adjust for mileage.

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